Date: Saturday December 1st / Time: 16:00 / Venue: Surya, The Park Chennai / Event Type: Music, Culture Conference

In France, many music entrepreneurs and performing arts managers work independently: they are producers, broadcasters, promoters, and administrators. These small companies can not afford to pay a complete team to provide the infrastructure and complete skill sets to better manage artists and develop their projects. However, new legal forms are emerging: entrepreneurs are coming together to pool certain skill sets together while retaining their own businesses. In conversation with Manojna Yeluri, Matthew Roger explains how La Belle Orange came to France in the performing arts field to use these legal forms for the benefit of artists and their projects, while also explaining in practice how to establish such a project.


  • Matthieu Roger

    Matthieu Roger La Belle Orange - France

    Since 2015 Matthieu Roger has been the director of La Belle Orange, a French organisation primarily devoted to developing the projects of contemporary choregraphers and dancers. He supports their artistic missions - from production and distribution to administration, communication and artistic education.

  • Manojna Yeluri

    Manojna Yeluri Artistik License / India

    Manojna Yeluri is the founder and principal legal consultant of Artistik License. A legal professional with a deep appreciation for creative entrepreneurship and the arts, Manojna enjoys discussions on the interplay between creativity, law, innovation and socio-political identities.