Date: Sunday, December 2nd / Time: 19:00 / Venue: Samsara, The Park Chennai / Event Type: Film, Culture Conference

The IndiEarth XChange Film Festival 2018 showcases a meticulously curated selection of rare documentaries, world premieres, contemporary releases, animations, international features, and a compelling selection of short films - providing a platform for both established and emerging filmmakers. 

This year's edition also features Film Awards for different categories, and is being presented in association with Live Tree - a London based company that uses cutting edge AI software to benefit the creative industries and help filmmakers secure funding.

This year's awards are: 

- Award for Best Indian Film
- Award for Best International Film
- LiveTree Award for Innovation In Film
- Audience Choice Award


Sastry Karra, EarthSync / Ashley Turing, LiveTree / Harold Monfils, Monfils Pictures