Date: Saturday, December 1st / Time: 12:00 / Venue: Surya, The Park Chennai / Event Type: Music, Culture Conference

An elitist genre just a few years ago, Jazz has steadily become more popular and accessible with several new Jazz schools opening, the rise of concert halls specialising in Jazz, and the development of several Jazz collectives. The session looks into the development and rise of Jazz music in France, with practical approaches on how to make a living being a Jazz musician. Antoine Hefti of Jazz à Tours will discuss the rise of Jazz in Europe and explore defining characteristics of a live Jazz performance, complimenting his discussion with live performance excerpts and a Q & A Session.


  • Antoine Hefti

    Antoine Hefti Jazz à Tours / France

    Antoine Hefti is a drummer, percussionist, composer & teacher. Born in 1986, Antoine started his musical journey with percussion. After a few attempts in the world of French classical music, he decided to return to his teenage love - the drums - and in 2011 he was admitted to Jazz à Tours. He is now teacher in this school, has co-created the Capsul Collectif with drummer Etienne Ziemniak in 2011, is composer for 'Gran Capsul', and drummer/percussionist in 'La Compagnie Du Coin', 'RAnK-O', and 'Bûche'.