Date: Saturday, December 1st / Time: 14:30 / Venue: Samsara, The Park Chennai / Event Type: Music, Film, Culture Conference

The growth of the creative economy depends on a healthy dialogue between content creators, curators and those entrusted with the protection and regulation of content. The advent of new technologies such as block chain adds layers to these discussions, requiring deeper insight and attention to legal, socio-economic and intellectual property rights that can allow content creators to be free to explore their creativity. The discussion extends to one that intersects between visual arts, film and music. This session is about how we as a community can protect and work together for our economic, creative and socio-political rights as artists, activists and businesses.


  • Manojna Yeluri

    Manojna Yeluri Artistik License / India

    Manojna Yeluri is the founder and principal legal consultant of Artistik License. A legal professional with a deep appreciation for creative entrepreneurship and the arts, Manojna enjoys discussions on the interplay between creativity, law, innovation and socio-political identities.

  • Jai Undurti

    Jai Undurti Syenagiri

    Jai Undurti is Creative Director of Syenagiri. He has a background in journalism and writes for leading publications on travel and popular culture. Undurti started Every City is a Story – a unique city-centric graphic storytelling initiative. His current projects include "The Cities Beneath" with artist Fabian Stoltz and "The Game" with artist Kishore Mohan.

  • Pavithra Chari

    Pavithra Chari Musician

    Pavithra Chari is an accomplished Hindustani classical and cross-genre vocalist and composer from New Delhi, India. A disciple of Smt. Shubha Mudgal, she is also an expressive arts based therapist and a trained Bharatnatyam dancer. She currently works with organizations that address life skills and music education, trauma, sexual health and self expression in at-risk children across India. As one half of the contemporary - classical duo Shadow and Light, Pavithra has written and released three studio albums to critical acclaim and has toured within India, Sri Lanka and the United States of America as a performing artist. She is a recipient of the coveted OneBeat fellowship (2018), a U.S Department of State initiative that aims to create a global network of civically engaged music projects.

  • Anindo Bose

    Anindo Bose Musician

    Anindo Bose is a composer, arranger and sound engineer from New Delhi, India. With over 15 years of experience in the independent music industry, Anindo is one of the founder members of the famed fusion octet Advaita and one half of the acclaimed contemporary - classical duo Shadow and Light. A completely self taught musician, Anindo has also been a member of various bands of repute such as Artistes Unlimited, Think Floyd and Classic Collective and has over 8 studio albums to his credit, as an arranger/composer. He owns and operates Plug ‘n’ Play, one of the most sought out recording studios in New Delhi and has recorded/produced several independent acts, musicals and commercial projects. As a live sound engineer he has worked extensively for festivals like the Jaipur Literature festival, Chandigarh Jazz festival, SAARC bands festival.