Date: Sunday, December 2nd / Time: 11:30 / Venue: Samsara, The Park Chennai / Event Type: Music, Film, Culture Conference

In today’s connected world, are factors such as the infusion of new technology, growing Indian urban class and the influence of Hollywood culture - flashy vehicles, girls, special effects, sex and violence - affecting the identity of Indian cinema? From the 50’s - known as the Golden Era of Indian cinema - when notable films were made for the common man and his struggles in a newly independent nation, to today's interconnected world raising the aspirations of the common man, with many big budget films shot overseas revolving around a protagonist with power and money to further fuel his dreams – the aesthetics and commerce of Indian cinema have undergone significant change. Seen by some as a downfall, but by others as an opportunity to facilitate emergence of a new wave of Indian independent cinema, can technological advances and democratization of film making and outreach tools help India evolve its own unique cinematic identity, and influence a new and bolder generation of viewers and filmmakers?


  • V.S. Kundu

    V.S. Kundu India

    V S Kundu is a cinema buff from Chandigarh. He is a career bureaucrat, belonging to the 1986 batch of Indian Administrative Service in the Haryana Cadre. From 2012 to 2015 he headed the Films Division of India, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India, the State department that promotes documentaries in India. During his tenure, many new initiatives were taken to mainstream Indian documentary. He loves Documentary filmmakers, Indie artists both in cinema and other fields, adventure sports and travel.