Date: Sunday, December 2nd / Time: 16:00 / Venue: Samsara, The Park Chennai / Event Type: Music, Film, Culture Conference

Writer Jai Undurti is currently working with Hamburg-based artist Fabian Stoltz to create a graphic novel that encompasses the histories and myths of two cities far apart in geography and time - Hyderabad and Hamburg. 

Part of the 040 Project between the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Goethe-Zentrum Hyderabad, the idea is to use chitrakathas to find new and unique linkages evoking the idea of a city.

What follows is an exploration of working across cultures and creating an imaginary world of symbols and stories. This session dives deep into this creative process and into the minds of two enigmatic artists.  


  • Jai Undurti

    Jai Undurti Syenagiri

    Jai Undurti is Creative Director of Syenagiri. He has a background in journalism and writes for leading publications on travel and popular culture. Undurti started Every City is a Story – a unique city-centric graphic storytelling initiative. His current projects include "The Cities Beneath" with artist Fabian Stoltz and "The Game" with artist Kishore Mohan.