Date: Sunday, 02nd December 2018 / Time: 10:00 / Venue: Surya, The Park Chennai / Event Type: Music Workshop

In collaboration with Indiearth XChange, Animal Factory Amplification presents a hands-on DIY synth building workshop for beginners. Over the course of three hours, participants will learn to use a soldering iron, understand basic electronic components and build a simple experimental electronic musical instrument that they can take home. The circuit to be built is called the Nailbiter, and is based on a famous DIY circuit called the Atari Punk Console - a favourite of first-time circuit builders for its simplicity. The workshop also touches upon the fundamentals of sound generation, and ends with a half hour drone jam session where participants can play their newly built instruments.

The cost of the workshop is Rs. 899 

This includes:  
The Kit, with the circuit board as well as all parts required to build this project successfully.

This kit is a limited quantity item and will be delivered at the IndiEarth XChange as part of the workshop. It is not available for purchase separately.

The kit does NOT include:
- a soldering iron, 25-35W
- a soldering stand with a sponge
- wire cutters

Participants are required to bring these three things themselves. If you don’t already own these, they are a good investment - after you’re done building this little synth, you will not want to stop!

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This workshop is ideal for:
- musicians with no technical background
- people interested in modular synthesis but unsure where to start
- people who have built a couple of circuits and want to build music electronics
- people who have never built a circuit before and want to get their feet wet with a simple guided project
- people who have tried to build electronic circuits but are frustrated with non-functioning circuits due to routine errors

Please Note:  
- Participants below the age of 15 must be accompanied by a parent or supervising adult. 
- Slots are highly limited - only 15 people can participate in the workshop - so register quickly to ensure your place 
- While the likelihood of injury while correctly using a soldering iron is extremely low, the venue, event organizers and Animal Factory Amplification/Aditya Nandwana cannot accept any responsibility or liability for injuries stemming from faulty equipment or misuse thereof, intentional or unintentional, stemming from this workshop.
- In order to attend this workshop, participants must have purchased an XChange Pass

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  • Aditya Nandwana

    Aditya Nandwana Animal Factory Amplification

    An unlikely newcomer in the space of modular synthesis and effect pedals, Mumbai's Animal Factory Amplification has been quietly (and very noisily) carving out a name for itself internationally. While AFA may count a number of leading producers and musicians as users today, the founder is quick to acknowledge the DIY path that paved the way.