Date: Sunday, December 2nd / Time: 11:30 / Venue: Chandra, The Park Chennai / Event Type: Music Workshop

This workshop, led by vocalist Bastien Picot from Reunion Island, is designed to explore various facets of the voice in the context of polyphony - singing with other singers simultaneously to create different melodies and harmonies. Picot will introduce participants to practical techniques and hands on tips to improve both ear and vocal training - a skill required in order to be able to sing in an ensemble of voices. The workshop is also a great opportunity to learn more about how to sing and improvise with others in a fun and creative way. Interactive exercises involving rhythm (with an introduction to Body Percussion), harmony and improvisation will allow attendees to develop small pieces of music and circle songs together, in polyphony.


  • Bastien Picot

    Bastien Picot Artist / La Reunion

    Bastien Picot is a polymorphic singer-songwriter from La Reunion. He lives between his bewitching island and Paris, the frenetic city of light, and collaborates with many national and international artists around the globe. He has been a backing singer for Stevie Wonder, Fred Wesley, Charles Aznavour or even Yael Naïm with his project 3somesisters, and has recently recorded as lead singer on a jazz album directed by Richard Bona, with André Ceccarelli, Sylvain Luc and Hadrien Feraud. At the intersection of English and Creole, his multi-ethnic roots conveyed by Maloya’s traditional instruments meet a modern orchestration, in a tribal pop shell that is reminiscent of Woodkid, Bon Iver or Alt-J.